The Family Object


My object is a motorcycle and the message is “Viva Las Vegas!”  I am an orphan.  I am satisfied with my life as a human Las Vegas, having no past bloodline, and no future bloodline.  I begin and end with me right here right now.  Like Las Vegas, I morph with the now, I leave behind what has past, and grow fast and furious into the future.  The motorcycle is my representing object because it is the one constant that has remained through the many phases (or “nows”) of my life.  Whether I was touring the country alone, in the Air Force, body guarding for strippers, or getting married and going to college, I have ridden through it all.  This object has power for me.  It shows independence.  It embodies my free spirit.  It is a metaphor for my desire to be in touch with my surroundings rather than safely boxed away from reality.  It allows me to speak with strangers, and gives me a loose camaraderie with thousands of others that share the passion.  It is a symbol of the Utah Clan.  It is part of my life, and a part of me.  My ride may change over the years, but the soul of two wheels remains.  This is what is important to my family.

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