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 I moved to Phoenix in August, 2005.  I came from a remote town called San Luis, Az.  It is located in the border with Mexico.  Living in a border town, I was always able to cross into Mexico and enjoy delicious Mexican tacos.  Part of the things that I had to sacrifice when I came to Phoenix were those tacos.  One of the first things I did when I came here, was visiting the many Mexican restaurants in town.  I went to several of them but to no avail.  One day, I found a restaurant that was called Sonora Panaderia Y Taqueria located on 19 Ave and Thunderbird.  It attracted my attention because Sonora is the state that shares the border with my hometown. This meant that the cuisine must have the same taste as the one I liked. I decided to try it out.  It was the best tacos I've had in Phoenix.  It reminded me of Mexico.  For this reason I consider that restaurant as a symbol of migrants in this city.  It is just a little taste of the many things Mexico has to offer.

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