Migrants and the City


            For my fieldwork, I visited a well-known construction company.  This company is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse companies I have ever seen.  Among its team, the company has several Mexican immigrant workers who have become Mexican-Americans.  I had the honor of interviewing a few of these men, who would like to remain anonymous, and was amazed by their stories.  One of them illegally crossed the border when he was very young, and then was able to obtain permanent citizenship.  The other was petitioned by his cousin and has been sending money home ever since.

            As I talked with these men I began to realize how easily they blended in with the other workers.  They worked sided-by-side with other men who had no idea what ordeals they had to face to come here.  Their cultures remained hidden while on the clock, but as soon as I had them out front they began to explode with enthusiasm for their true home.  The experience was truly enlightening for understanding how pervasive the “border” is in urban life.  

Laura Berkowitz

Migration and Culture

Mini Presentation #2



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