Migrants in the City


         I thought it would be interesting to talk and show pictures of some of the oriental grocery markets in the valley.  Some of these stores are less than a mile apart from each other and they are all located on the same street, which is Dunlap.  I made a trip to the most popular one located on 35th Avenue and Dunlap call Manila Market.  What’s amazing about this place is that there are so many immigrants from all parts of the world that shop there, not only immigrants from Asia.  The Manila Market offers of so many different types of oriental spices, seasonings and big bags of rice, which you can not find anywhere else except in an oriental market.  The oriental market is not the only place for shopping it also provides a job opportunity for immigrants.  But most importantly, I chatted with one shopper who had asked me where the soy sauce was and we started chatting.  I asked her why she likes to shop here.  She said that the obvious reason was because it had everything that she needed to cook Filipino food, but the real reason was that she felt comfortable shopping there because the owners are from the same country, the Philippine.  If she has any questions she can communicate with them in tagalong, which is a native language in the Philippine.  So with this experience I have come to the conclusion that, even though people migrate to the United States they never forget about the food of their homelands.



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