Migration & Culture Spring 2005 Prof Koptiuch Arizona State University West Phoenix, Arizona


"Why Migration?"

Comparative Impact of Transnational Migration
Team Country Posters

Research Questions:

Why do people Migrate?
Why do they go to specific destinations?


We approach these $10 million questions by unpacking the ready answer, "in search of a better life." Individual decisions to migrate are best understood in a transnational context; human migrations are also a result of global social, economic, and political processes of change.

Today's transnational migrants build "social fields" that link together country of origin and country of resettlement, challenging notions of citizenship, borders, and nation itself.

To enhance public understanding of immigration issues in the US and elsewhere, our country posters provide a globally comparative perspective of the complex reasons why people migrate.

The six countries we researched are chosen from top 10 remittance-receiving countries.

These team project posters were our class contribution to the Student Research Poster Session exhibition at ASU West in April 14, 2005, sponsored by the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences. Each team also presented their research to the class accompanied by a Powerpoint slide show, which are converted to web pages here for your perusal. Taken together, the posters offer a comparative global understanding of why people migrate and what "bridges" take them to specific other countries (see complete poster assignment).

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John Burnett
Shawna Cubarrubias
Octavio Gracia
Katrina Majaraj

Kristin Miranda
April Salazar
John Utah


Laura Berkowitz
Eric Border
Leonardo Lopez
Lindsey Martinez

Kerri Bastin
Stephanie Cleland
Ivan Velazquez


Sarah Clinebell
Gabriella Gomez
Erin Million


David De La O
Angelo Di Pasquale
Laura Moorhead
Victor Salgado

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