My name is Laura.  I am taking this migration class as part of an anthropology minor.  I find the topic of migration interesting because I love to travel.  I have been to five continents and eleven different countries.  My goal is to go to all seven continents in my life time.  I don't what I would do in Antarctica but I don't want to stop at six!  I grew up in Page, AZ.  This is in the Lake Powell area and it is so beautiful there.  I now live in Phoenix and I am attending Arizona State University West with a major in Life Science.  I spent time in Africa in 2001-2002 and I loved it.  I plan on continuing my education in the medical field and I hope to go back someday to help with the great medical needs over there. 



I enjoy music, dancing, my dog (isn't she cute!) and long walks on the beach.

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