Migration & Culture     Spring 2006    Prof Koptiuch    Arizona State University at the West Campus    Phoenix, Arizona
Migration & Culture

Comparative Guest-Worker Country Posters blurb

These team project posters were our class contribution to the Student Research Poster Session exhibition sponsored by the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences at ASU West in April 20, 2006. The posters also contributed to the “Corporations, Justice & the Border” Forum at ASU West in April 19-20, 2006.

Each team presented their research to the class accompanied by a Powerpoint slide show. These are converted to web pages here for your perusal. Taken together, the posters offer a comparative global understanding of guest worker and immigration policy and experience.
 (see poster assignment)

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Aaron Hazlett
Christopher LaCross
Amy McCoy
Adrienne White
Jummy Adeyemi
Dzianis Drobysh
Clarissa Ibarra
Tyrone Noel
Lisa Fisher
Ron Noffz
Cynthia Rodriguez
Donald Pauley
Nicolette Bartz
" Anna Lou"
Laura Szczublewski
Darlene Wright
Jason de Baca
" Jack Black"
Lucia Luna
Christine McClemore
Daniel Avena
Irena Cochrane
Elisa Maldonado
Rob Preston
Veronica Bartoli
Kris Blackburn
Shiva Delpazir
George Lopez
Ahm Wanna


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