Migration and Culture 2001

ASB 340 / SOC 331 / SBS 450
Arizona State University West
Prof: Kristin Koptiuch

Nogales Fieldtrip Reports
Brief reports of our class field trip October 4, 2001 to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, under the guidance of the staff of BorderLinks, a Tucson-based non-profit organization dedicated to education about the US-Mexico border and border issues. The assignment asked students to highlight one or two key aspects that impressed them most about our  trip, particularly in light of our course focus on migration, and to explain why.

Coryn Anderson
Jessica Dalske
Desiree Dawson*
Kelly Doll
Tova Driscoll
Radiah Hudson
Carl Henrik Johansson
Allan Knopf
Lori Kuntz
Luisa Martinez
Jason McLure
Nichole Olsker
Silverio Rodriguez
Thinh Duc Tran
Nicolle Walker
Aaron White*
Dawn Zanda

*Student unable to attend Nogales fieldtrip, report is on independent trip to alternative "borders" at home.

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