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Immigration issues along the Mex/AZ border, including migrant deaths, vigilante groups, etc.
An independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization founded in 1985, 
devoted exclusively to research and policy analysis of the economic, social, demographic, 
fiscal, and other impacts of immigration on the United States.
Committee on Refugees & Immigrants (CORI)
CORI focuses on the global problems of forced dislocation, the provision of asylum and resettlement to refugees,
and the adjustment of immigrants. CORI is part of the American Anthropological Associationís Society for
Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA).
American Civil Liberties Union
  • The INS Online
    U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
      United States Foreign-Born
    USA Immigration Services - Green Cards, Visas, DV Lottery, Citizenship, INS Visa Status, Immigration Help
    U.S. Department of State
    Bureau of Population, Refugees, and  Migration
    United States Commission on
                  Immigration ReformCreated by the Immigration Act of 1990; Dissolved in December 31, 1997
    Reports to Congress Commission Research Papers Mexico-U.S. Binational Migration Study Report Binational Research Papers Congressional Testimony
    Urban Institute - a
                  nonpartisan economic and social policy research
    The Immigrant Experience - A record-high influx of newcomers to Americaómore than 13 million peopleómarked the 1990s. Many went to states with relatively weak safety nets and little experience settling immigrants. Meanwhile, the children of immigrants are more likely than those of natives to live in two-parent families and to be low income.
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    U.S Department of Health and Human Services
    Office of Refugee
                  Resettlement Logo
    Office of Refugee Resettlement Data
    Refugee arrival reports
    Office of Refugee Resettlement Report to Congress
    Domestic resettlement; Appropriations information; Special initiatives
    Refugees Magazine
        includes Issue 129:  2002-- The Year In Review
    American Immigation Lawyers Association
    Your resource for asylum support information

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