Migration & Culture 2001                                                    Prof Koptiuch / ASU West
Final Assignments

Due on Thursday December 6


(in accordance with the final exam schedule assigned for our class)

We will use this time to check out everyoneís portfolio and wrap up the course.

1) Current Events Poster/Magazine Cover--accompanied by a one-page explanation. Iím not sure if we definitively decided that this poster necessarily has to be magazine-cover size (8 X 11). Rather, it should be like a magazine-cover?but it could be any size you want (you might prefer to work in a larger format than 8 X 11). See the Chavez article from WEEK 8 for ideas. The theme/images/etc should be drawn from media, current events, etc?but you can retool these in light of our study of many aspects of migration. If you wish, the poster could be a companion piece to your case study topic?but it does not necessarily have to be on this topic if you wish to focus on something else.

2) Portfolio Project. This should include the all of following assignments that you have done for this course. Put them all into some sort of folder/notebook/etc so that they work as a package. Please correct any typos or minor errors, print out clean copies (donít use the ones I scribbled on for your portfolio).

Finally, if you wish to revise earlier assignments to enhance your grade (e.g. the Short Essay), please do so. But include the original marked-up version with the portfolio, so that I can see what youíve changed to improve it.

Please do not miss this final class! If youíre not done with your portfolio yet, come to class anyway and finish up later (bring what you have).

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