Migration & Culture     Spring 2004    Prof Koptiuch    Arizona State University West    Phoenix, Arizona

Course Description & Objectives

This interdisciplinary course examines im/migration and culture embedded in a transnational field of social, economic, and political processes. We follow current approaches in social sciences that view (im)migration as the effect of a patterned process of globalization of capital and culture. This process builds objective and subjective “bridges” that historically link migrants’ homelands to their “host” societies, both in the U.S. and around the world. Drawing on empirical research and theoretical analyses, topics we study include:
The historical focus of the course is on migration since the late 20th century (early 1970s), an era of new migration pressures ushered in by current global restructuring. Historical precedents provide comparative scope, and aid in identifying key conditions that make possible shifts in relations between migration and culture today.

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