Migration & Culture     Spring 2004    Prof Koptiuch    Arizona State University West    Phoenix, Arizona

Web Workshop March 3, 2004

Taught by John Wilson, ASUW Information Technology
With assistance from other IT staff: Dennis Marsollier, Kathy Grimes, Meredith Irvin


  • Learn foundations for creating a Web Portfolio of your course assignments
  • Learn the basics of creating web pages, using Microsoft FrontPage
  • Learn the basics of working with images on the web, using Photoshop Elements (if time)

    All web sites for our course mentioned below will be linked to our course home page, http://clcc211.west.asu.edu/koptiuch/Migration/index.html

    Assignment to complete in today’s workshop (√ when done)
    _____  A.  Map your drive on our course web server site:

    _____  B.  Create your own folder inside the course Migration folder, labeled with your last name. Always save all your web pages and images to this folder.

    _____  C.  Create an index.htm page. Open the program FrontPage, create a new page, and ‘save as’ index.htm. [in drop-down menu: web on clcc211/KOPTIUCH/Migration/yourname]

  • This is your personal home page with links to all pages of your web portfolio.
  • Insert the logo for our course page at top.
  • Create a ‘return’ link at bottom: Return to Migration & Culture home page. Link it to the main index.html file in our course Migration folder.
  • Create a Table to design this page [John will give instructions—take notes!]
  • _____  D.  Create a template page.  After setting up this template, you can copy this page several times to make several project pages for your web portfolio. _____  E.  Create eight web pages for your web portfolio materials. Open your template page (D), ‘save as’ each of the pages below (you can use your own filenames). Put the title of each project on the page as a reminder (you can change it to your actual title later). (do all if time, do at least three or four if no time, so that you’ll have a model for later)
    1. bio.htm—for your own brief personal biographical information (include your photo)
    2. familyobject.htm—IF TIME—put your scan/photo of your object and explanation here too.
    3. agency.htm—your immigrant agency ‘brief’
    4. borderlinks.htm—report on Nogales fieldtrip (or alternative ‘border’ report for absent students)
    5. magazinecover.htm—for your mock cover and explanation
    6. borderjustice.htm—for your ‘brief’ on Migrants, Justice, & the Border events April 6-10
    7. crossingthevalley.htm—your multimedia contribution to our class project
    8. openletter.htm— Open Letter wrap-up comment reflecting on what you learned this semester.
    _____  F.  Edit your index.htm page and make links to your seven web pages.  Don’t get fancy for now, just do it. Save the changes and test your links.

    _____  G.  Create a link on your index.html page to the index.html page inside a folder labeled, student_test, in our main Migration folder.  Test the link! (surprise!)

    _____  H.  Copy an image from the Test Images page to your folder.  Size it using Photoshop Elements.  Place it on your index page.
    _____  I.  Test your links!!  IF TIME: WORK ON YOUR FAMILY MIG OBJECT PAGE!

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