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Borderlinks Fieldtrip to Nogales, Mexico

FEBRUARY 23, 2005            Schedule            Report Due March 2

A required educational field trip to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico with the non-profit educational organization BorderLinks will add an innovative and exciting dimension to this course. This full-day excursion will be tailored to our course topic and may include activities such as: orientation in Tucson at BorderLinks; interview with the US Border Patrol or Grupo Beta (Mexican Border Patrol); visit to a migrant shelter/community center; lunch with families in a colonia squatters' settlement; visit to a maquiladora; exercises such as a market basket survey comparing cost of living on both sides of the border; discussions with migrants and US and Mexican experts and officials about migration issues. The opportunity for this trip undoubtedly will enable us to bring home through an immersion experience many of the topics studied in the course.

As indicated on the ASUW Course Schedule, a fee of $75.00 per student is required (check or money order made out to "BorderLinks," to be collected in class by Feb. 9). A hired bus will transport us to and from Tucson, about $15-25 extra.

Please arrange your schedule and obligations to enable you to attend this important part of the course!

BorderLinks Trip Schedule

Trip Leaders: Madre Alma, Brook, Holly and Lauren

All times are approximate and all visits subject to change.

6:30      Bus departs from ASU West campus for Tucson
8:30      Arrival and orientation at BorderLinks, Tucson
9:00      Talk with Kat Rodriguez from the Coalicion de Derechos Humanos
10:00    Depart for Nogales
11:30    Visit to US Customs and Border Protection
12:30    Cross the border
for lunch with families in the colonia Bella Vista and drive thru Colonia Kennedy
2:30      Depart for Curtis, a maquiladora (foreign-owned assembly plant), for a 3 pm tour with Rosario Roldan
4:00      Leave for the Casa de la Misericordia (The House of Mercy), BorderLinks' community center in Nogales, to go over the market basket survey, a cost of living exercise
5:00      Light dinner at the Casa with Kiko Trujillo, BorderLinks Mexico Executive Director, lifetime resident of Nogales who worked in the maquilas for years
6:00      Depart for the border

8:30      Bus from Tucson to Phoenix

BorderLinks Fieldtrip Report  (read our completed reports!)
DUE March 2, 2005

Write up a report (2-3 pp) about one or two key aspects that impressed you most about the field trip and explain why. Incorporate at least two articles from the BorderLinks Reading Packet into your discussion.  Explain how insights from each article helps you to more effectively analyze your impressions in relation to the migration issues we've studied in this course so far. Please push your discussion beyond the tendency to simply state how much more you will now appreciate your life in the US! NOTE: Failure to include citations from the readings will result in a maximum grade of "C"

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