Migration & Culture     Spring 2005    Prof Koptiuch    Arizona State University West    Phoenix, Arizona

Course Requirements & Assignment Instructions

All assignments typed, double spaced please, to be submitted in hard copy, to Blackboard discussion forums, and to web pages.  See assignment instruction sheets linked below.
Attendance/Participation Lose two points for each absence; lose one point for being unprepared for active participation (e.g. no assignment on due date)
Im/migrant Agency Report
5% Assigned agency annotated response
Two Mini-Presentations and 1/2-1 page "brief" (5 points for presentation, 5 points for "brief")
10%   Includes: 
  • Family Migration Object presentation & writeup
  • Migrants in the City presentation & writeup
  • Discussion Points
    10%  Three assignments, 5 points each
    Quizzes 20% Best 3 out of 4; multiple choice, T/F, short answer, as required (no make-ups)
    BorderLinks Trip Report (2-3 pp)  10%  If unable to attend, see Dr. K. for alternative field-based assignment (7-10 pp)
    "Why Migration?" Country Poster  10% Team project powerpoint poster--for class presentation and display at Student Research Poster Session April 14.
    Multimedia Ethnography for Crossing the Valley Project
    Note: To qualify for an 'A' in this course you must receive at least a 'B' on this project; Cannot interview class members
    20% Web page based on your interview with an immigrant or refugee; plus observational and informational supplements, analysis (7-10 pages)
    Open Letter to Valley residents
    5%  Final letter (1-2 pp) reflecting on key migration issues you've learned throughout our course. Highlight in your letter one key reflective point that you would like to pose for your readers to consider to develop a fuller, more complex understanding of migration. 
    Student Web Portfolio 10% Integrating all your assignments. 

     100% Total

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