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                        William E. Mahoney
                                                                        Feb. 4th 2004
                                                                        Migration & Culture
Im/migrant Agency Brief
A.        The office of Refugee Resettlement is not based out of any one given state but many that experience an influx of migrants from other countries. Though it is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service.

B.        The key audiences of this program are refugees that have to flee their homes for a more safe life.

C.        This agency’s main objectives are to provide the people of the world in need of help with refugee status if they can no longer live in their country of have been forced to move because of natural disasters or fear of persecution.

D.        Key Goals to help those that must be internally or externally displaced because of some incident.

E.        The key immigration issues for this agency are to help those who will be settling to get their feet off the ground and in the right direction.

F.        The most common basis for statements issued and press release are to inform those who live in an area to be aware of this new influx of people arriving in their town or of the reasons the U.S. is helping a country and why we need to help.

G.        This organization isn’t favorably pro or con to immigration because many of those with refugee status are only displaced within their country or around a neighboring country.

H.        The office of refugee resettlement provides many publications on their websites and updated situations around the world that they are helping to solve.

I.        The only name I was able to find was Secretary Tommy G Thompson

J.        Names of key spokespersons

K.        Other issues they encounter are disaster relief, hunger and persecution

L.        Website :

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