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April 6-9, 2004  Phoenix, Arizona

Event Photos

Photos taken by Kristin Koptiuch, sorry if some of them aren't so great!
Web pages created by her too.
  • Overview of the Events Photos of a wide selection of the events.
  • Unveiling of the Mending Wall
    The university community partnered with the Arizona Coalition of Latin American Artists created a unique public art project, a 110-feet-long steel "Mending Wall" bisected the central lawn of the campus. Decorated with steel panels of colorful artwork by Mexican and American artists, the wall provided a graphic representation of the barrier that is an imperfect attempt to separate the United States from Mexico, transforming it through art into a meaningful symbol of U.S.-Mexico interconnections.  The opening included a blessing by cajita artist Jorge Rodriguez Eagar, a mask-dance by performance artist Zarco Guerrero, speeches by campus community.
  • Cajitas Honoring Migrant Deaths
    Campus and community members created dozens of cajitas, sacred boxes, to honor the deaths of some 205 migrants who died in the Arizona desert in the past fiscal year.
  • Mock Supreme Court
    Before mock US Supreme Court judges, opposing teams of student advocates argued about the constitutionality of the Protect Arizona Now initiative.
  • Panels and Events
    Photos capture only some of the many panel discussions, town hall, Border Justice Conference, and other events (see MJB homepage for full info).
  • James Garcia Plays and John Carlos Frey Film
    Playright James Garcia produced two of his plays, "The Crossing" and a fragment from "Latino Redux."  Hollywood actor and director John Carlos Frey screened his film "The Gatekeeper," fielded questions afterwards.
  • Student Posters
    Students in several classes created posters to communicate their research on themes relevant to border justice.
  • Border Art Roundtable
    This historic art event brought together a dozen artists from the US and Mexico to address their many forms of engagement in border art.
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