Border Justice

On Tuesday, during the Migrants, Justice and the Border week, I visited the Women of Juarez Memorial. The image of the dresses remade to portray the women who were victimized and slaughtered in Juarez was powerful and made me stop and pray for the families of the women and the women who are living in fear for their lives each day.

On Wednesday, I went to the performance of “The Crossing” and “American Latino Redux.” Admittedly, I was not expecting much or that I would be remotely interested in the productions. Instead, I was very impressed with the way that the dramas portrayed tough issues concerning Latino/Mexican/Hispanic culture and their identity (or lack thereof) as Americans. They comedic, but that did not take away from the seriousness of the topics at hand. Kudos to James Garcia to the tasteful, yet entertaining depiction of the struggles migrants are encountering in the U.S.

The events that I attended, especially the dramatic performances, were a good visual picture of the struggles that Latino immigrants encounter after they get to the “land of opportunity.” “The Crossing” put faces to the courageous people attempting to better their lives and dying in the cruel desert to our south.


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