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The home base of Civil Homeland Defense is in Palominas, Arizona.  The audience that the members are trying to reach is the people of southern Arizona.  The agency’s main activities are to stop illegal crossing at the border whether it is stopping illegal aliens, or stopping terrorists or trafficking of drugs along the Mexican border.  They feel as though the government is not doing there part in the prevention of these things and that it is time that the citizens of America take shifts in order to patrol the border on foot, horse, but mostly on ATV’s.  There mission is to report suspicious illegal activities to proper authorities and deter, illegal activities listed above to the Cochise County.  There primary concern is to not allow illegal aliens to cross the border.  They have a newsletter that comes out called the Tombstone Tumbleweed they have numerous publications there.  The Civil Homeland Defense is against immigration. They claim that weapons only be for self-defense, and concealed at all times.  Civil Homeland Defense Corps don't wear uniforms. Website to look up is

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                                      The long road between Mexico and America


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