Patty Holley's Agency Information


IOM International Organization for Migration: "Managing migration for the benefit of all"

  Headquarters:  Geneva Switzerland

  Audience: International

  Mission Statement:   According to home page

 “IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.”

  Main Goal: The beneficial integration of immigrants into their new homeland.

            This organization appears to be pro-migration, based upon its efforts to assist in the challenges presented dealing the operational management of migration.  However, one function is also the encouragement of “highly qualified nationals” to migrate back to their country of origin.  This effort suggests that they are trying to reverse the “brain drain” of talent and education from one country to a new homeland. 

            This organization publishes one major magazine, “International Migration Organization Review.” This publication provides updates to world migration issues and suggests actions to ensure economic and social understanding of those migration issues.


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