Immigrant Agency Brief

The American Border Patrol is comprised of volunteers that monitor the activity along the International border between Arizona and México. The American Border Patrol‘s administration office is located in Sherman Oaks, California, and they have a local office in Sierra Vista, Arizona.
The American Border Patrol is an organization that supports immigration reform. They are strongly in favor of placing the military on the international border between Arizona
and México to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the United States without following the proper channels. They proceed on their own missions by air in an aircraft named “Border Hawk II” and on ground at night using IR 250 infrared cameras. ABP spotted three groups of illegals and one lone crosser totaling 64 illegals crossing the night of 3/24/04. They state that they immediately contacted the U.S. Border Patrol to report the activity. They are led by a retired law enforcement officer.
        The American Border Patrol monitors several press releases such as the “Arnold Watch” which is monitoring the activities of Governor Schwarzenegger and his policy making in California. The link to the Federation for American Immigration Reform offers an Immigration Issues Center featuring articles on National Security, Labor and Economics, Environment and Immigration and Society. They also feature pictures showing their own missions and pictures of illegal immigrants from the Infrared camera.
        The agency is definitely against immigration. They also appear to be anti-Bush, since most pictures they have of President Bush show him with a Mexican Sombrero.  

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