United to Secure America


Return toBojan's Home Page Where is home base (city/state/country)?
*Arizona, United States.

What is key constituency or audience?
*American adult public.

What are the agency’s main activities?
*Surveying the Americans who are eighteen years of age or older.

Mission statement? Key goals?
*Our overburdened immigration system is still broken. Reduction in number of immigrants entering the U.S. borders.

What are key im/migration issues of concern to this agency?                    *Secure America believes that the immigration poses a threat to the security of American people.                                                               

What is the most common basis for statements issued, agency’s research, press releases, etc.?                                     * Agency's research and press releases are what the statements are based on.      

Is the agency noticeably pro or con immigration?
*Con immigration.

Any publications? (what types, titles)
*News articles, letters to the Congress and House of Representatives.

Names of key spokespersons/officers.
*Congressman Bob Goodlatte.

Give at least one citation of this group in a news report. (use a citation index to research this)         
*"As Illegal Immigration Drains Arizona's Budget, Presidential Hopefuls Offer Amnesty to Illegal Aliens, Warn Ads." U.S. Newswire. January 12, 2004.

Other issues of interest?
*Abolition of Visa Lottery, more effective border control, and secure identification documents.


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