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Committee on Refugees & Immigrants

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Im/migrant Agency “Brief”
Committee on Refugees and Immigrants

A.  Association which is based in the United States, but I was unable to find a city or state.

B.        What is key constituency or audience? The key audience is anthropologists and the American population.

C.        What are the agency’s main activities? Public services, open forums and conferences and publications and journals that are intended to inform the general public.

D.        Mission statement? Key goals? CORI wants to have equal and fair treatment of refugees in the United States and abroad and also allow for immigrants to access public services and become accustomed to their new geography.

E.        What are key im/migration issues of concern to this agency? That immigrants and refugees are not being treated in the United States the way that the country proposes they are.

F.        What is the most common basis for statements issued, agency’s research, press releases, etc.? The American Anthropological Association journals (newsletters) contain articles written by the members of CORI as well as national newspapers report on their status and viewpoints.

G.        Is the agency noticeably pro or con immigration? They are pro immigration.

H.        Any publications? (what types, titles) The publications listed consist of peer-reviewed journal articles and one book, "Refugee Empowerment and Organizational Change".

I.        Names of key spokespersons/officers.
Debbie Boehm, Co-Chair
Julia Meredith Hess, Co-Chair
Greta Uehling, Secretary
Lucia McSpadden, Program Chair
Kathy Carlin-Kilbourne, Program Assistant
Elzbieta Gozdziak, Membership/PR Co-Coordinator
Dianna Shandy, Membership/PR Co-Coordinator
Laura Hammond, AN Correspondent

J. Give at least one citation of this group in a news report.
Bernstein, Nina (2004, January). Out of Repression, Into Jail; Detention for Asylum-Seekers Is Routine, but U.S. Is Taking Another Look. New York Times, Section B pp. 4 [Newspaper, selectied stories on line]. Retrieved January 31, 2004, from

K. Other issues of interest? The members of CORI are allowed to vote on issues and the actions that will/should be taken against organizations or government based programs.

L. Web site?

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