Agency Brief

            The International Rescue Committee, or IRC, was founded in 1933 and at any given time today is on location in over 25 countries working with people uprooted by war, civil conflict and ethnic persecution.  The IRC specializes in working with refugees and attempting to relocate them to the United States.

A.        Where is home base (city/state/country)?               

                      New York, New York USA
B.        What is key constituency or audience?           

                      Refugees and Emergency Victims All Over The World
C.        What are the agency’s main activities?                

 The IRC provides water, food, shelter, and medical care during emergencies. The IRC also provides education and economic assistance after the emergency situation has subsided. In addition, they help thousands of refugees relocate to the US each year.
D..        Mission statement?  Key goals?  

“Refugee Relief, Respect, Renewal”
E.        What are key im/migration issues of concern to this agency?        

              The IRC backs the opening of the US to provide safe havens for more and more refugees in the US.
F.        What is the most common basis for statements issued, agency’s research, press releases, etc.?                

Most items are based on the IRC help in areas of unrest as well as their works to relocate refugees in the US.
G.        Is the agency noticeably pro or con immigration?        

The IRC is decidedly for asylum for refugees in both the US and other countries.

H.        Any publications? (what types, titles)

         “Flight: IRC’s Refugee Update”
 I.        Names of key spokespersons/officers        

George Rupp (Pres. & CEO), Winston Lord & James Strickler (CO-Chair’s)
J.        Give at least one citation of this group in a news report. (use a citation index to research this)        

“Arizonan Tries to Help West Africans.” By Chris Fiscus.  Arizona Republic. Jan 22, 2004.
K.        Web site?


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