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Home base:  American Patrol -- Administration

 13547 Ventura Blvd., Suite 163
 Sherman Oaks, CA91423-3825    

(800) 600-8642        

The American Patrol is located in Sherman Oaks, California.  (13547 Ventura BLVD. Suite 163 Sherman Oaks, CA. 91423-3825)  Basically anyone who reads up on the topics of immigrants or who is concerned on what’s going on about the immigrants would take the American Patrol into their interests.  The American Patrol’s main activities are to keep Americans updated on what is going on across the borders and on the borders of America.  Their key goal is to keep people informed.  I believe the issues of concern for this agency is to notify all citizens of the latest news.  The main subject of discussion for the American Patrol is to make sure that all immigrants stay where they are unless migrating legally.  “Drug-related assassinations in Mexico in the last few weeks have government officials here worried that the violence among drug cartels is spreading to Arizona, the state’s top federal prosecutor said Friday.  –For Mexico and Columbia, ‘bringing law and order to their country under threat of death is an idea that is coming to the United States’”.  (Arizona Daily Star Border Edition)  I believe this agency is noticeably against immigration, although it seems to be the culmination of different reviews from different states.  Some publications from the American Patrol are attached.  Although many people speak their mind through this agency, Glenn Spencer seems to be the “Head Boss”, original spokesman.  Other issues of interest all point to the American Border Patrol.  Web site:

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