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SBS 450


Agency Brief


The National Immigration Forum

  • Based out of- Washington, D.C.
  • Key Constituency- the Public and Congress
  • Main Activities of the NIF- To garner pro-immigration support and evoke change in public policy through: lobbying and organizational networking and alignment nationwide.
  • Mission Statement- To champion the cause of keeping America true to what its always stood for- a nation of immigrants. Having as its key goal- fighting for immigration-friendly public policy.
  • Key Immigration Issue- Comprehensive Immigration Reform with the key elements being reported by the NIF as being: "Earned legalization, create New Worker and Family Visas, and Educate the law on new strategies to regulate the flow of migration.
  • Basis for statements issued- Press Releases
  • The National Immigration Forum- a pro-immigration agency
  • Publications- Immigration Policy Handbook ( information on policy, patterns and resources), A Fiscal Portrait of the Newest Americans ( an in-depth examination of the pros and cons of immigration) and many more…
  • Key Spokesperson- Frank Sharry ( NIF’s Executive Director)
  • Citations- 1)Congressional Quarterly/CQ Researcher, 1/24/97, p.54

2) The Washington Post, 7/30/02, Press Release Statement

  • Other issues of interest- a new project called The Center for the New American Community which will have a focus of immigrant integration in the community.
  • Web site for the NIF-
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