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Jennifer Allen, Director of Border Action Network

A.        Where is home base (city/state/country)? Border Action Network is based in the cities of Nogales, Tucson, and Douglas.

B.        What is the agency's key constituency or audience? The agency's audiences are: Latino immigrants-Latino immigrants tell them about the racial profiling on the AZ-Mexican border, Latino communities-Border Action Network is designed to establish healthy communities, local government- Members want officials to know about the unjust incidents occurring on the border and they want to improve the lives of migrants.

C.        What are the agency’s main activities? They establish campaigns that fight against injustice that immigrants and Latinos who live on the border deal with on a frequent basis. They write reports to government officials dealing with investigations of civilian groups and Border Patrol agents violating Arizona state laws. They are involved with the welfare of Latino communities by ensuring social and environmental justice on the border.

D.        Mission statement? Key goals? The goal of the members is to continuously have a voice in what goes on in their communities by having a profound impact on the issues of organizations and institutions that try to bring problems to their communities.

E.        What are key im/migration issues of concern to this agency? A concern is the racist violence expressed by the Civilian groups and Border Agents who patrol the border. Another concern is the increasing number of immigrants being incarcerated. In March 2002, Border Action Patrol was successful in their campaign to prevent the construction of up to four privately run federal prisons in Arizona and California.

F.        What is the most common basis for statements issued, agency’s research, press releases, etc.? Border Action Network conducts its own research by going door-to-door talking to residents; they document acts of Border Patrol racial profiling and other civil rights violations.

G.        Is the agency noticeably pro or con immigration? The agency is pro-immigration because they want to make sure that the immigrants receive proper treatment when crossing the border.

H.        Any publications? (what types, titles) The Border Action Patrol writes a monthly newsletter entitled “Border Action Network Monthly Update” and they compile annual reports.

I.        Names of key spokespersons/officers? The Border Action Patrol writes a monthly newsletter entitled “Border Action Network Monthly Update” and they compile annual reports.

J.        Give at least one citation of this group in a news report. (use a citation index to research this) On December 10, 2003, International Human Rights Day, Border Action Network filed a lawsuit against vigilantes detailing their acts of undermining public safety, trespassing on private property, impersonating law enforcement officers, and creating an environment of fear and intimidation among migrants and residents along the border. In the Arizona Republic on
December 11, 2003, the article entitled, “Suit Claims Ranchers Acting as Border Agents”, Daniel Gonzalez writes about the lawsuit. In the article, the opposing views of the Border Action Network and a member of a civilian group are expressed. Civilians feel that they are protecting their property from migrants who cross the border illegally and are adamant that immigration laws are not being enforced. (

K.        Other issues of interest? None

L.        Web site? Give URL Border Action Network - Border Action Network Home

Dan Krehbeil, Douglas Community Organizer

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