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I did my agency report on "European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Studies" or ERCOMER.  The agency is stationed at Utrecht University Hiedelberglaan 2, 3584 CS Utrecht, the Netherlands. The studies take place mainly at the School of Social Sciences.

This agency is not in favor or against im/migration because its stance is neutral on im/migration issues; furthermore, the agency tries to educate people about im/migration issues and how everyone is affected. They put all information out to the public so that individuals in the societies can see the facts and decide their own ideals.

The key audience consists of people with a higher education, i.e., students, faculty.  Studies are also directed towards those who want to learn more about im/migration issues.

The main activities and goals of this particular agency are to research, train and instruct individuals and to provide information to the public. The mission statement revolves around "actively encourag[ing], support[ing], and promot[ing] comparative research in the fields of international migration and ethnic relations within the European context."

Research topics include multiculturalism, ethnic exclusionism, ethnic conflict, racism and nationalism. The research program include three themes:

      A). Migration

      B). Immigration in host societies

      C). Host societies' responses to immigrants, ethnic minorities, and foreign countries and peoples.

The most common basis for statements issued include types of research taken on by students, faculty and staff.

by Manija Sherzada