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Dear Readers,

I am just finishing up a class at Arizona State University West on migration and culture.  In Arizona immigration is a particularly prominent issue being so close to the Mexican boarder.  Many people here and in other parts of the country believe they are coming in here and taking our jobs and putting a strain on our economy.  Although this may be true for some immigrants I donít feel it is true for the vast majority of them.  I believe that the immigrants who are coming over from Mexico are not taking our jobs, however, they are taking the jobs that no one wants to do.  After a trip to Nogales and after talking to several people who live there, they would rather stay in Mexico but they cannot find stable employment there for good pay.  We take it for granted how good things are for us in the United States.  In the United States our taxes make getting an education possible, in Mexico they have to pay out of their own pockets if they want their children to get an education.  We also donít have to fear not being able to go to work one day in the United States, in Mexico some places will just fire you and at others you can not only lose that days pay, but they might dock you additional money.  As for the economy I feel that they are actually making a contribution to our economy.  The immigrants, even if illegal, in most industries have to have some sort of papers in order to work.  Therefore, taxes are being pulled out of their paychecks.  Also any money they spend here or even any remittance money being sent home have to be channeled through some intermediary form.  All of this puts money into our economy.   I have learned that people come to the United States for many different reasons and from every corner of the globe.  We can learn so much from everyone who comes to our country.  This country was founded by immigrants and they will continue to come to the United States because this truly is the greatest nation in the world and we are so accepting to every person and every belief or religion.  It is not because we are forced to like many other nations are forced into their beliefs, but because we want to.  We want allow everyone the same opportunities for education and for jobs and for their own basic rights like freedom.  It is this reason that you are here today and exactly why you should open up your arms and welcome in these new immigrants to make our country even better than before.  So next time you meet an immigrant find out a little about them before you start to pass any kind of judgment because I am sure that you will relate to their situation, if not through your own life, through the stories of your ancestors hundreds of years ago.

Sam Haldiman


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