Border Defense Coalition

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I did my Im/migrant agency brief on The Border Defense Coalition.

A)This is a project of the U.S. inc. out of Petosky, Michigan, and

B) there target audience would be the towns that fall on the border of the United States and other countries, mostly the states that are bordering Mexico is there primary concern.

C) some of the activities that this group participate in is putting up signs to make US citizens aware of the invasion on immigrants into this country.

D) Their key goal is to protect the US from invasion of illegal immigrants, and their mission statement is "This is an effort to educate American citizens to the obligation of the federal government under the constitution, and to protect them from foreign invasions."

E) They key im/migration issues of concern to this agency are that three million people per year are invading our country and they need to be stopped.

F) The most common basis of their statements are "It's an invasion, Enforce Article 4,section 4, it's the law."

G) This agency is against immigration.

H) A title or publication that they stand behind is Article 4, section 4, which states that our government must protect us from foreign invasion.

) Their key spokesman is Bob Park, a former border patrol officer.

K) other issues that they focus on is the illegal drugs that the immigrants are bringing into our country.

L) Aweb site for information about the Border Defense Coalition is

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