Who is the Migration Policy Institute (MPI)?

A. Where is home base (city/state/country)? The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) is based in Washington, D.C.

B What is key constituency or audience? Their articles and journals are mainly aimed at policy makers, jounalists, researchers, advocates, and other opinion shapers, but can be for the general public.

C        What are the agency’s main activities? They do research to provided accurate analysis, development and evaluation concerning migration and refugee policies at all levels, including local, national and international.

D. Mission statement? Key goals? MPI is an independent, non partisan organization dedicated to the study of the movement of people worldwide.

E. What are key im/migration issues of concern to this agency? They base their research on four points; Migration Management, Refugee Protection and International Humanitarian Response, North American Border and Migration Agenda, and Immigrant Settlement and intergration.

F. What is the most common basis for statements issued, agency’s research, press releases, etc.? Same as E.

G. Is the agency noticeably pro or con immigration? MPI is pro migration.

H. Any publications? (what types, titles) Policy Briefs, Insightful Series, and Reports. Here is two of the titles of some of their publications. "America's Challenge: Domestic Security, Civil Liberties, and National Unity after September 11" by Muzaffar A. Chishti, Doris Meissner, Demetrios G. Papademetriou, Jay Peterzell, Michael J. Wishnie, and Stephen W. Yale-Loehr, June 2003. "Rediscovering Resettlement" by Gregor Noll and Joanne van Selm, December 2003

I. Names of key spokespersons/officers. Mary E. McClymont (Chair), Bill Ong Hing (Vice-Chair), Beverlee Bruce, Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio, Anthony D. Romero, Jim Ziglar, Kathleen Newland, Demetrios G. Papademetriou.
J. Give at least one citation of this group in a news report.
Arizona Daily Star,
"The New Border: Organ Pipe barrier expected to keep drugs, entrants out,"
November 30, 2003

K. Other issues of interest? They are interested in global issues. They have articles on different minority groups, different countries and even current events like the president’s address on migration.

L. Web site? http://www.migrationpolicy.org/

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