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Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants

a.k.a.: Statue of Liberty Coalition

The home base and address of this organization is: 339 Lafayette Street,

New York, NY 10012

B. The key constituents or audience and members are people that believe in the human

rights of our immigrants.

The organizations main activities are organizing protests, demonstrations and

distributing leaflets. They also take action in various parades and voice opinions and

share duties with other organizations that they have common concerns with. For

example the National Network of Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

"The Coalition’s purpose is to confront anti-immigrant policies through grassroots

education and action. We believe that all people, regardless of immigration status,

deserve basic human, civil and labor rights."

Unfair raids and raiding practices, illegal immigrant detention, moving detained

immigrants to isolated locations so their families and community support is

unavailable is the focus of concern to this organization.

Leaflets, demonstrations and their website seem to be the basis of communication for this organization.

The agency is pro-immigration.

There is a fairly recent blistering article in the Arizona Republic, from Oct. 15, 2003 about this organization. Mentioning among other things that the group is not sure of its name, leadership or strategy. The article is about The Statue of Liberty Coalition against the initiative Protect Arizona now. This initiative is to keep illegal immigrants from receiving state services, and would require proof of citizenship before voting.

I. No leadership to be found, they state they have no formal structure and take their tax

deductible contributions through the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

J. This group has been cited in the above mentioned article in the Arizona Republic

newspaper, from October 15, 2003.

K. This coalition includes these organizations: Center for Immigrant families

National Employment Law Project

United Garment Workers Justice Center

NY Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York