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Submissions to Phoenix MetroWeb are cordially invited from:

  • All campuses of Arizona State University
    • Students, Faculty, Staff
  • Metropolitan Phoenix area residents, experts, practitioners
  • Community activists
  • Creative artists
  • Urban scholars
  • Other parties interested in contributing to a better knowledge of which way the city


Any research-based urban scholarship, observational narrative, experiential analysis, interview with area residents or urban practitioners, "ethnographic drive-by" report, maps, or creative project (images, poetry, stories, audio art, photo essays, other digital multimedia projects), and anything else you can think of!

We especially invite "working papers," that is, papers, presentations, idea pieces etc that may not yet be of formal publishable quality but still offer us special insight or useful documentation for understanding the city. These less formal submissions may pertain to current or recent work, as well as older projects lying around gathering dust. Let them see the light of day on Phoenix MetroWeb!


Inquiries, submissions, and feedback response should be addressed by email to the site manager

who can also be reached at ASU West at 602-543-6031


Digitized submissions are preferable to hard copy (e.g. a Word document file rather than a printout, an html document rather than a Powerpoint file).

Image files should be saved as .jpg or .gif only. Use resolution of 72 dpi, which is adequate for screen display.

If you already have a web site with material relevant to the mission of Phoenix MetroWeb, submit the URL address, along with a short description of its contents.

You are welcome to design your own web pages for your submissions, which can then be posted to the Phoenix MetroWeb server site. Consult with site manager on format.

The site manager may be able to facilitate digitization of text or images for anyone who needs help.

what else

Somewhere down the line, if the volume of submissions warrants a selection committee or peer review process, these will be developed. For now, the site manager will make every effort to be a flexible gatekeeper for Phoenix MetroWeb.


Phoenix MetroWeb

now invites submissions


Inquiries, submissions, and feedback response should be addressed to the

site manager



HELP US BUILD THIS SITE! This site is under development. For submissions, comments, volunteer assistance, or other inquiries contact:

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