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Mt. Sinai

Mt. Fuji

My Bio Page

      I am the stereotypical Oregon boy in that I love the outdoors and spend a great majority of my time there. My home is in Sisters, Oregon which is the small town where I learned to appreciate the magnificent rivers, lakes and mountains which surround it. I really enjoy doing anything as long as it is out in nature which covers anything from hiking to snowboarding to wakeboarding to rafting or to just swimming in a desolate lake somewhere untold. I truly cherish the natural environment and would even go so far as to say that it has become my sort of religion.
      I go to the University of Oregon in Eugene and enjoy interacting with the diverse range of people who are attracted to the area. I study Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology and spent a summer conducting a dig at three locations in Oregon looking for evidence of Paleoindian settlements. I enjoy studying Environmental Science and Geology as well and hope to eventually go to Graduate School to become a High School Teacher.
      I simply cannot express my extreme gratitude for being given the opportunity to embark on the adventure of Semester at Sea and there are many people at home which I owe many thanks to for granting me this awesome priviledge. I am so thankful for to have traveled around the world and I certainly believe that with this opportunity comes a certain kind of responsibility and obligation to take full advantage of my experiences as well as return home and share the lessons I've learned with those who are not quite as fortunate. I suppose this website is a good place to start.

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