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Shipboard Interview with Garrett Fitzgerald

By John Meade

     Garrett Fitzgerald grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland.  He is currently enrolled in college with the hopes of earning a degree in political science.  He then intends to study law after earning his undergraduate degree.  Garrett learned about Semester at Sea in 2004 from some friends at home and has been planning for his voyage ever since.  His parents played a large part in his decision to participate in SAS.  Garrett has traveled internationally before; he has been to Austria, France, and South Africa, but his parents have also done extensive travel.  His father was a member of the Peace Corps and during his tenure he worked in Haiti and Ghana. 
    Not only were his parents in full support of SAS, they sent his younger brother Kennedy along with him.  Garrett feels that Semester at Sea will greatly further his educational goals.  He plans to study international law and SAS will serve, he hopes, to give him a much broader understanding of the world.  In the two years that he has been planning for this voyage he also researched other study abroad programs.  He was considering participating in Seamester, a program that takes sixteen undergraduate men on a semester long sailing trip in the Caribbean.  He ultimately decided on Semester at Sea because it will allow him to see so much more of the world. 
    Garrett did have to overcome a few problems in order to partake in this voyage of discovery.  He had to go through the arduous process of transferring his student loans and also had to work with his home school to transfer the credit that he will earn from SAS.  He also had to work full-time this past summer in order to save the money that he will need over the course of this semester.  He feels that it was worth every second though, as he will be able to see so much of the world over the course of this great adventure.

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