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To All Future Semester at Sea Participants

By Preston Price

Dear Future SAS participants,

This is an incredible program for anyone who appreciates traveling as well as a unique academic experience.  My experiences were beyond amazing and realistically, it is extremely difficult to put in to words the descriptions of events and the sentimental value of my overall experience.  I can only tell you that participating in Semester at Sea and experiencing it first hand would be the best way to fully understand how educational and life changing this voyage can potentially be.  The key is that it is up to you to determine how much you get out of it, and ultimately how much you grow as both a student and more importantly as a person.  I was surprised to find out that there were so many older students that have reentered school and so many older passengers that are not required to participate in the educational aspect of the program.  The beauty of this program is that anyone is welcome. 

My only advice to any future participant of SAS is that you must come with an open mind and a hungry desire for knowledge, friendship making, and a change of lifestyles.  Semester at Sea is a both a mental and physical challenge like no other, and I emphasize that only a strong-willed individual can take full advantage of their time given and greatly benefit from this program.  Promoting this program is a must, and I urge any and all of you to consider attending Semester at Sea because it truly is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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