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Shipboard Interview with Rachel

                                            By Jamie Isabel Rosado

Great Expectations

Rachael started preparing for this trip a little over a year ago, however she had not counted on the separation she would feel from her family and her friends. However she is trying to think about all the things she can do and is looking forward to on this voyage.

She got her first taste of travel doing religious retreats when she was younger these trips took her to Germany, Austria, Italy, and Canada among other places. Her and I got to talking about travel and what she expected from this experience. She was very excited to be going to Egypt as she had always wanted to go there and admitted that she may have never gone to Croatia had it not been for it being on Semester at Sea itinerary. She also added that if she were to add a country to our itinerary it would be Russia.

We then started to talk about the sacrifices she made to be able to come here: in the year before she came she had to hold down five different jobs, which also stressed her relations with her family and friends back home.  She then returned to emphasizing that she expected to learn about many new cultures and places on this journey and she said that she has already begun to make new friends.

I believe she is and was slowly adapting to shipboard life and was very introspective about the journey and process she had set herself up on.   Nevertheless she was prepared for the challenge.

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