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By Becka

"Anywhere else you could posibly go after New York would be a pleasure cruise." 


       A sentiment, which for these past three months has rang true.  But I may be getting a little ahead of myself; start from the past and move to the present, correct?  But I'm not sure I can explain myself anymore without taking from the experiences I've had since I left San Diego on the 27th of August.

       I'm 20 years old, a Junior History Major at SUNY Purchase.  It's a State School in Westchester County, New York.  Kind of Artsy and full of brick, but it's home.  I live about two hours north of there in a small town in Orange County (the original Orange County).  I have two cats (see below) and a dog.  Um, you know what?  I think that's about all i can say about myself right now.  Enjoy the writings for my class.

ArmandThis is Armand.                                                                                                          ^Me
He may by far be my                                                           squeaky         This is Squeaky.
favorite animal in the world.                                                          He's pretty darn
                                                                                                             cool too.

Janna and Karajanna and karraThey're a little insane,
but i like them any way.

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