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Croatia: The Off Season
Perry Jackman

        Croatia was my eighth country I visited during my journey around the world. So I automatically thought Croatia was going to be the same as the other countries. It turns out I was very wrong. In every other country, I found myself on the go trying to visit every tourist spot possible. I was used to busy streets and overpopulated cities. Croatia was a different story.

            I visited Dubrovnik and Split during my visit to Croatia. When I visited this country, it was during the off season. The town seemed dead, nothing was happening. There was barely anybody in the streets and the town was really quiet. I was told during the summer, Croatia is as its busiest. People from around the world come to Croatia to relax and lay by the beach. When I walked through the streets of the old city in Dubrovnik and Split, I saw boat rental shops, restaurants, bars, and beachwear shops that were all closed. I could see why they were closed; nobody is here during the winter. They would lose money if they stayed open year round. Dubrovnik and Split reminded me of Vail. I am from Colorado and my family and I would go to Vail during the summer and the winter. Vail in the winter is chaotic. People from around the world come to Vail to ski. Every slope on that mountain has hundreds of skiers and every bar and restaurant is full. During the summer, the city is quiet. There is nobody in the bars or restaurants and the mountain is without snow and skiers. Vail, Dubrovnik, and Split all depend on tourism. The locals lives revolve around tourists. Without tourists, they can not make money.

            The other countries I visited also depended on tourism. However, it was not the only thing they depended on to get by. If nobody visited these countries at all, I believe these countries could still manage to make money through some other field. These countries would still be chaotic, loud and busy. I don’t think this is the case for Croatia. For Split and Dubrovnik, I believe that their main source of money is from the tourists. I was told that tourism really helped Croatia get out of its slump after the war.  I am glad that tourism has helped Croatia economically, but I hope they find another way to make money so their lives do not have to revolve around tourism.

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