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To all of You Out There: Each and Everyone of You is Capable of Changing the World Into A Better Place! Open Your Eyes, Open Your Minds, Open Your Hearts, Find the Hidden Beauty that is in everyone and everything and Learn to Love Yourself because that above all is the most Important!

Evan Kleiman
"To love the life you live, create the life you love."
"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."-Gandhi

“Please use your freedom to help promote ours” Burmese Refugee

“The line between good and evil, hope and despair does not divide the world between “us” and “them” It runs down the middle of every one of us. I do not want to talk about what you understand about this world. I want to know what you will do about it. I do not want to know what you hope. I want to know what you will work for. I do not want your sympathy for the needs of humanity. I want your muscle.”
    Robert Fulghum

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