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My Bio – Paul Padegimas


As you already know, my name is Paul Padegimas.  I’m 21 years old and am from Suffield, CT.  I am currently attending the University of Connecticut and am in my second year there after transferring.  I transferred into UConn from The United States Military Academy, otherwise known simply as West Point, where I spent two years, which would make me a senior.  I had formerly played football in college, but as of now I am just a regular college student trying to make the most of my time and have fun whenever the opportunity presents itself.  I am majoring in economic geography, with hopes of getting a job as a consultant for firms deciding where to locate their business, whether for an original location, expansion, or move.  I will not be graduating this spring, as I plan on taking at least one more semester, so I hope to get an internship this summer to help get my foot in the door with this career. 


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