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My Story

By Danica Taylor

      Hello! Hola, Aloha, Kon-nichi-wa, nee-ho, Mingalaba, Namaste, assalaamu aleikum, Mehr-hah-bah, Z-dravo....from around the world. In the past 105 days I have been on four diffferent continents, traveled to 10 different countries. I have been farther away from home than I ever have been, gone without communication with my family and friends for the longest amount of time, and have been without a shower for longer than I ever had or hope that I ever will be again. All of these experiences were first timers....I was completely taken out of my comfort zone and allowed myself to be vulnerable to each and every country's unique dynamic.

      I was born in Tucson, Arizona on February 12, 1985. When I was two, my family moved to Colorado where I have since been raised in the same house for the past 20 years. I have amazing parents who have been incredibly supportive of all my aspirations and dreams of seeing and experiencing the world. My sister is seven and a half years older than I am and she has given me the utmost support and inspiration out of anyone else in my life. Three years ago I became an aunt to my nephew Trevor, and one year ago I became an aunt for the second time to my niece Ashlyn. Being an aunt has completely changed the way that I look at life and they give me joy each and every time I hear their voices. I love snowboarding, wakeboarding, shopping, relaxing, hiking, and surrounding myself with my closest friends and family.

    Four years ago I left home, going to school at the University of Arizona, which at that point in time was the farthest away from home I had ever been for longer than two weeks. I am a Communications Major, minoring in Business Management. When I graduate in May I have no idea what I am going to be doing, where I will be, but the one thing I know is that this trip has shown me how small the world is, and each and every one of us has the world at our fingertips.

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