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Open Letter

Danica Taylor

            There really are no words to describe the experiences we have all had on this round the world voyage. We have journaled our memories trying to capture and literate every experience, every person, and every beautiful landscape we saw. Trying to never allow our selves the ability to simply forget that beautiful girl who helped us find the right train in Japan, or the Burmese monk who volunteered to tour us around the Schwe Dagon Pagoda because simply, he has devoted that much of his life to his faith in Buddhism. We also walked
vulnerablly around every country; all the locals knew we were tourists, the camera by our sides trying to visually capture all the emotions and beauty of each country. But in the end there's no writing nor photograph that really does any of my experiences justice in my mind, but I hope they help others to get a glimpse of the simplicity and beauty that lies in the lives of many of the countries we have been so fortunate to travel to. And perhaps our writings may inspire you visit these places yourself and allow yourself to become lost, vulnerable, and to explore the world with your own eyes.

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