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Open Letter to Clint

By Kristin Trapp

    You once told me “Kristin you can only have roots or wings and you need to choose one.”  I never really understood it, but have been giving it a lot of thought.  You see, since you have been gone I took a little trip, a way of clearing my head and trying to make sense out of my life.   But all the while I kept your statement in my head and now in my heart.  In a few days I will have completely sailed around the world, stopping every few days in a different port and experiencing things I never imagined.  I know that if I would have stayed true to my roots I would have never experienced any of this, but here is where your statement meets a grey area.  I now have a better understanding of my roots and this clarity came to me when I was farthest from them.  I appreciate where I come from now more than ever and it is all thanks to this trip.  The distance that my new wings gave me allowed my roots to grow deeper and stronger than ever.  Maybe you were right, I can only choose one, but if it hadn’t been for these wings I would never fully appreciate the work that my roots did to become as deep and as strong as they are.  So if you are out there reading this, stretching a new pair of wings does not damage your roots, only strengthens them and maybe this is just one time in life you can have both. 

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