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Julian Bailey

I am currently completing my degree at Parsons New School for Design for Design and Management. I am a Transfer student from Ontario Canada and moved to New York City to pursue a career in Sustainable Design. What is Sustainable Design? A common question I receive and I am more than happy to explain it. Essentially, Sustainable Design is green design, or creating products to use less resources and perform more efficiently. The goal is to help society by offering products that serve the same purpose as they are used to while leaving less ecological footprint.

I transfered to Parsons after discovering the Design and Management program and thought it would be a perfect starting point for my career. After transferring from a
small design School in Nova Scotia Canada to Parsons, I was exposed to a completely new environment that has inspired me and my interest in design.

Having the opportunity to study during a semester at sea greatly increased my knowledge of the global economy. Since I have started my studies at Parsons I have become interested in Sustainable Design and truly believe designers have a social responsibility to focus on environmental and social crisis that exist around the world today. An essential part of this focus is to become savvy about the needs for the global community, and research and develop ways for design to help solve many of the existing problems. I have learned that designers possess a tool that is beneficial for more than commercial purpose.

My interests in the relationship between design and global issues has stemmed from being exposed to different cultures around the world. I have had the opportunity to travel a fair amount which has only increased my hunger to see more and do more for the world. I am currently and International student, and fully understand the integration process when studying in an environment different from my home. I believe that being exposed to several different cultures will greatly increase my ability to understand and help resolve several of the global crisis that exist today.

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