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Amy DeWitt

I am two decades old and half way through my third year of college.  The ol' home place ranges from Wisconsin to Wyoming - in my opinion, two of the best W's.  I hit the books at Northland College, a small environmental school in the northwoods of Ashland, WI and on the south shore of Lake Superior.  It's a basecamp for me between southern Wisconsin family and western Wyoming fam.  These people (family and friends) that are scattered about the country are some of the biggest influences in my life.  I love any outdoor activity - hiking, climbing trees, jumping in puddles, sledding, snowball fights, whistling, skipping, clicking my heels...anything that can be done outside I imagine would tickle my fancy. 

A Short Discourse that Could Occur (and does occur quite frequently) Between Myself and Any Other Human Being:

"What do you want to be when you grow up, young lady?"

I'm a Sociology/Anthropology major...

"What does that mean??"

In a broad sense, I study human interaction and cultures, and the effects of that interaction. 

"And how do you expect to use that?" 

I believe I have already started. It took me a long time to realize what my passions were, but this trip has only eternalized them:  Culture.  Diversity.  Intercultural Communication.  Where ever that takes me is the direction I need to head.  I'd love to meet all of you (if I haven't already) and hope to at some point in our existence.  But in the mean time...

What is your passion?

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