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My Voyage of Discovery

By Julia Hursh

   I have a large academic history under my belt. I started my freshman year of college at Montana State University studying photography. After a year in Montana I decided to return home to Minnesota to attend the Univeristy of Minnesota in the Twin Cities for two years. My major at this point was wildlife biology with an emphasis on conservation. I decided to minor in art because wildlife and animals were going to be my primary focus. I was happy with school there but I realized that my schooling was bringing me more in the direction of field work and science rather than direct contact with animals which is what I longed for. After learning about Moorpark College in California, I applied and was accepted. I moved to California and spent 21 months at Moorpark College's Exotic Animal Training and Management Program. I graduated with an Associates Degree and was hired by the San Diego Zoo as an animal trainer. I was extremely happy to have acheived this position. However, I still wanted to finish school and get my bachelors degree. I decided to take classes at a community college in San Diego for a year to get my focus back on academics.  I switched my major to psychology and applied to Semester at Sea. I was happy with my situation in San Diego but I felt the need to travel. So here I am now, finishing my travels on a cruise ship to 11 countries around the world. The trip has been amazing and I feel very fortunate to have been able to travel around the world, study and meet new people all at the same time. Semester at Sea truely has been a voyage of discovery for me!
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