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Migration Around the World

          I hope that you enjoy traveling the world through my experiences.  Although this web page may not encompass all that I have encountered it definitely discribes the major events that  make up my migration experiences. 

        The "Crossing the Globe" section is a comparison between Filipinas in Hong Kong, Africans in Spain and my feelings as a minority in the United States.  In order to get the whole picture I advise that you read through the comparative projects before reading "Crossing the Globe."  The "Open Letter" is my advice to the students of the world, but really anyone can read and take it in.

          There are pictures that accompany the  most of the sections.  Please feel free to write to me any comments you may have upon reading this web page.  So nuzzle in your seats make your coffee or tea and get ready for a journey through countries and observations that may be as surprising to you as they we
re to me.

Thank you for your interest and time :)

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