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"The Edge of America"


I'm Serious

By Preston Price

    JUST KIDDING!  I'm really a pretty laid back and passive kind of guy.  This just happens to be the only photo of myself that I could find to use for my bio page, and I think it looks like I'm very serious.  My name is William Preston Price, and I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I grew up just south of Charlotte in a small town that borders North and South Carolina.  I guess one could label me as a typical southern boy who appreciates the outdoors and a well cooked meal made from scratch.  I am proudly the middle of five children although I do believe it has its ups and downs.  Sports, particularly soccer, have always been a big part of my life.  I would like to use three objects that I brought with me on the Semester at Sea voyage to characterize myself and give the reader an idea of the type of person I am. 

    My first item of self-representation is a T-shirt that I acquired from playing in a city organized soccer league in my college town of Charleston, South Carolina.  It symbolizes the valued importance of soccer and sports in general in my life by proving that I have maintained a passion for soccer even after leaving home for college.  Two other objects that reflect aspects of my personality are greatly associated with my Semester at Sea voyage.  My new digital camera is possibly the most important item of mine on the trip because I intend to use it in creating memories for the future.  Even though I have not always been involved in photography, I have always valued capturing the moment.  My malaria medication is the last item in helping me to describe myself.  It may seem like an unusual object to choose, but it depicts the cautious and caring aspect of my personality.  I have taken every precaution in preparing for this voyage when it comes to illness, like getting eight or so vaccinations for example.  Although this worrisome aspect of my persona can be due to over analyzing at times, I am thankful that it has kept me fairly healthy, safe, and happy.

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