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SEMS 445: Special Topics in Cultural Anthro: Migration & Culture
Professor: Kristin Koptiuch, Arizona State University at the West campus, Phoenix

Primary Textbook:
Douglas Massey and Mark J. Miller, The Age of Migration. Third Edition: International Population Movements in the Modern World. The Guilford Press, 2003 (3rd edition)

Supplementary Required Readings (available as pdf files):

Nicole Constable, Preface  and “Pleasure & Power”, in her Maid to Order in Hong Kong: Stories of Filipina Workers, Cornell 1997:vii-xvii, 202-210

Mary Crain, The Remaking of an Andalusian Pilgrimage Tradition: Debates Regarding Visual (Re)presentation and the Meanings of ‘Locality’ in a Global Era. In: Culture Power Place: Explorations in Critical Anthropology, ed. Gupta & Ferguson, Duke 1997:291-311

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Philippe Fargues, Migration & Mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean Area: A Problem for Governments, a Solution for Populations? (2004 manuscript, CARIM, European University Institute, Florence, Italy)

Lada Cale Feldman, Ines Prica, Reana Senjkovic, eds., Fear, Death and Resistance: An Ethnography of War: Croatia 1991-1992. Institute of Ethnology & Folklore Research, Zagreb: Matrix Croatica X-Press 1993:
-----People Displaced, 177-209
-----Irena Plejic, All that we had, all that we were, reduced to memories, 229-239

John Frederick, The Myth of Nepal-to-India Sex Trafficking. In: Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered : New Perspectives on Migration, Sex Work, and Human Rights, ed. Kamala Kempadoo, Paradigm 2005:127-147

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University), 2004

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Maura Stephens, The Heart Of Burma.
Opendemocracy.net14 September 2005

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Daphne Winland, The Politics of desire and disdain: Croatian identity between "Home" and "Homeland". American Ethnologist 29(3)2002:693-718

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