Migration & Culture

• Corey, Colonial Legacy in Hong Kong
• Amy DeWitt, Hong Kong: A Coagulation of Migratory Beauty
• Margarita I. Gotay, From Hong Kong to Beijing
• Carmina Osuna, Their Heart Will Go On:Filipinas in Hong Kong
• Preston Price, The Hong Kong Melting Pot
• Rip Ritchie, Filipino Take-Over

Global Cities

• Esther Cha, Profit Above All Else?
• Sarah Grimaldi, The Pressures of Global China
• Lindsay Kuhlmann, China and Hong Kong: Same Country Two different Worlds
• John Overington, O Boy the Olympics
• John Overington, Hong Kong: Extreme Opulence under Extreme Poverty
• Danica Taylor, Brought to You By American Express
• Kristin Trapp, Hong Kong
• Jessica Von Wendel, A Family Abroad
• Jane Wiseman, Contradictory China

Field Methods

• Lara Calloway, China: Migration as a Hobby
• Wren Chan, Yuen Long, Hong Kong
• Allie D'Amanda, Being a Participant Observer in Hong Kong
• Amy Dewitt, Hong Kong: Looking for a Scam
• Melody Heath, Hong Kong: The Words We Use
• Chloι Hirschhorn, Hong Kong: The Other Side Of The City
• Tatsuru Kimura, Food and Helth in Hong Kong
• Gordon Klco, Hong Kong: A Weekly Celebration of Community
• Caroline Park, Discovering the Tiny Global City
• Preston Price, Olympic Preparation in Beijing
• Jaimie Isabel Rosado, What I Did Not See in Hong Kong
• Suzanne Schefcik, Guillin Bus Ride
• Rebecca Stubbs, Hong Kong: Getting Your Feet Wet
• Jessica Von Wendel, China: Missy

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